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About Us

Life is not a pre-meditated play. Nor a calendarised condition.
It's about the ifs and buts.
The oh-yeses and oh-nos.
Which is why, you need an ally when you are not prepared for battle.
Your private sergeant of sorts.
The genie you rub when you feel the rub.
That is us.
Help instead of a yelp.
The yo! . That edges out the oh-ho.
So when you are in a spot, we are the ones you must spot.
We deliver. In the dead of the night. In the middle of the day. And in all the hours in between.
Because sometimes you need a contraceptive. But you don't need a smirk from the chemist.
And sometimes you need a pregnancy test without a pregnant pause at the pharmacy.
And then again, you need a lube and you need it delivered smoothly.
And finally, because lads don't carry protection. But sassy ladies do.
You can text us,call us, snapchat us or mail us.
We'll be there.
Stay safe. Play safe.

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Products & Rates

Products We Deliver

  • Condom
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pills
  • Lubricant
  • Instant Pregnancy Test

Rates Of Products

  • Box of 3 Condoms - 150
  • Box of 10 Condoms - 400
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pill - 150
  • Lubricant- 500
  • Instant Pregnancy Test- 100

Special Packages

Cruise Control
  • 3 Condoms
  • 1 Lubricant
Safe Bet
  • 3 Condoms
  • 1 Lubricant
  • 1 Emergency Contraceptive Pill
  • 1 Instant Pregnancy Test
  • 1 Emergency Contraceptive Pill

How To Order

Via a Phone Call

Call us on +91-8376060577, our team shall take your order over a telephonic call and we shall dispatch our runner with your order in no time!

Via Whatsapp

Text/Whatsapp us on +91-8376060577, with your order and delivery address. After a quick confirmation we shall dispatch your order!

Via Snapchat

Add us on Snapchat, Our snapchat ID: capinasnap. Text with your order and delivery address. After a quick confirmation we shall dispatch your order!!

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